Daily Archives: October 31, 2016

Wray on Minsky on “Hopping Mad”

On Monday, 31 October 2016, Dr. L. Randall Wray was on the radio program and podcast, Hopping Mad with Will McLeod & Arliss Bunny. The focus of the interview was Wray’s newest book, Why Minsky Matters:  An Introduction to the Work of a Maverick Economist. The interview was more than an hour long so Wray was able to give lengthy answers without being pressured for time.

Dr. Wray’s book, Why Minsky Matters can be found on the Princeton University Press website and on Amazon where it is is available as both a hardcopy and download.

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Wall Street’s Apologist-in-Chief Mansplains Regulation to Senator Warren

By William K. Black
October 30, 2016      Bloomington, MN

When last I wrote of Roger Lowenstein he was complaining that the Wall Street felons were being criticized – not jailed – criticized.  Lowenstein is Wall Street’s self-appointed apologist-in-chief.  Naturally, he despises Senator Warren, the most effective elected official in exposing Wall Street’s elite frauds.  The New York Times granted him an op ed in which he sought to mansplain financial regulation to Senator Warren.

Lowenstein does not like women that he considers too loud, gratuitously complaining that Senator Warren is “high-decibel” supporter of regulation.  Coming from someone who has spent his journalistic career shilling for Wall Street, this sexist trope is painfully embarrassing.  Wall Street is infamous for raging males who believe that screaming at subordinates who can’t fight back proves their virility.

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