MMT In Spain

To update our Spanish friends:

In an effort to bring MMT into the political debate in Spain, APEEP will be hosting Warren Mosler for his presentation of the Spanish translation of his  book “The Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” during a one-week tour through Spain, starting with a presentation in Madrid, on the 14th of September; Valencia on the 15th of September; and Vila-real on the 17th of September.

APEEP is Asociación Para el Pleno Empleo y la Estabilidad de Precios (APEEP), or Association for Full Employment and Price Stability in Spanish, is a non-profit organization that is devoted to raising awareness and disseminating Modern Monetary Theory amongst the Spanish public. APEEP believes that full employment and price stability are compatible if public policy is conducted within an MMT framework. The current economic crisis within the Eurozone highlights the need for a Post Keynesian and MMT approach to public policy.

Details on Appearances:

Madrid – September 14; Details
Valencia – September 15; Details
Vila Real – September 17; Details

You can view the full press release here (in English).

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