NEP’s Pavlina Tchernerva on RT discussing Greece

Pavlina appears on RT’s Boom Bust segment discussing Greece and austerity. She appears starting at 18 minutes.

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  1. Steven Greenberg

    You might mention that the headlined interview happens at 17:00 minutes in. YouTube provides you with an easy means of starting this video at that point. Perhaps you ought to use it.

    • It does not allow it when embedding the video. Only a direct link. Starting point is mentioned right above the video in the post.

      • Steven Greenberg

        I found out about the items that you mentioned after I submitted my comment. It was too late to delete the comment. Sorry. I did post the link to go to YouTube to see the video start at the right time. Not very considerate of YouTube to make this feature available in one form and not the other.
        I appreciate your having posted this video. I thought it was very important to hear the interview. The identification of the need for a Euro Zone stimulus capability was the first I had heard of the idea captured in just this way.

  2. Here is the YouTube link to start the video at 17 minutes and 9 seconds.

    Unfortunately, YouTube hasn’t seen fit to make this work for an embedded video.

  3. The idea of any sort of democratic fiscal union is dead. Germany dominates. Why advocate for tighter integration, what has Germany done to give any sort of indication that it will behave in a civil manner?

    She briefly mentioned that for Germany to export goods, the other nations must export capital. But why not put this in the broader context of sectoral balances? For you to earn a dollar, someone else must spend a dollar. One sector’s surplus is another’s deficit. What in economics can’t be at least 80% explained by this dynamic? Yes, it seems obvious to some that every surplus must be balanced by a deficit, but it most certainly is not understood by the public or politicians. Am I wrong here? (yes fiscal transfers fixes this, which she didn’t really explain well, but that brings us back to my first paragraph.)
    Incredibly disappointing interview.