A Moment of Mourning

Fred LeeThe Department of Economics at UMKC lost a member of its family last night. Fred Lee, prolific scholar, humanist, and devoted husband, father and grandfather, spent the last several months battling a startling diagnosis — a non-smoking variety of stage 4 lung cancer. Like the disease itself, Fred was a rare type.  His commitment to the advancement of heterodox economics built an infrastructure of newsletters and list serves to enable this community of scholars to engage and build ties.  He recorded this podcast with me shortly after learning that his diagnosis was terminal.  Fred left an indelible mark on the UMKC Economics Department and on heterodox economics. We will miss him terribly.  ~Stephanie Kelton

*Podcast audio starts garbled but quickly resolves.

Click here to watch Fed’s last lecture in his MA-level Micro theory course. 

7 responses to “A Moment of Mourning

  1. Erick Borling

    Very sorry for your loss. I did not know of him, so this post serves an my introduction to him and his works. So… he effectively has new life when dilettantes like me struggle to understand economics with an ethics and fairness concern and turn to his scholarship.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this news. Fred was one of two professors at UC Riverside in the 1980s who had a profound impact on me, and I feel very thankful and blessed to have known and learned from him. He was a champion for heterodox economics, and he never let us forget that “it’s not all about macro.”
    Rest in Peace Fred.

  3. Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

  4. Coming to UMKC for graduate training was one of the best decisions of my life. Choosing to work with Fred once I get there ranks even higher. It was such a privilege to learn from an economist of his scale, and to be mentored by someone that always put his students first. Always.

    Twice in my life I’ve been taught to fight. Once in the army, once by Fred. Fred’s battle was for higher stakes. He fought for the economic possibilities of our grandchildren. He fought for Truth, Beauty and Justice. You can find his courage in his writing, lectures, and the way he lived his life.

    Thank you Fred for lending your shoulders to stand on.

  5. I am sorry for your loss. Any loss to New Economic Perspectives is a loss to us all.

    With condolences,

    Danielle Greene

    Falls Church VA

  6. My deepest condolences to the UMKC Econ family. I LOVED the podcast with him. His work here was done and we carry on the dream. Best wishes to all. Rest in peace, Professor Lee.

  7. Very sad to hear that.
    From the little I saw of him on videos and from hearing him on the podcasts he looked like one hell of a teacher. There is also a video of him talking about the Leicester Secular society on Youtube that is well worth watching.