Marshall Auerback on Fox Business: Obama Closer to Tea Party than Democrats

Here is Marshall Auerback’s latest appearance on Fox Business, where he makes the argument that Barack Obama’s deficit cutting ambitions place him closer to the Tea Party than his own Democrats.

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2 responses to “Marshall Auerback on Fox Business: Obama Closer to Tea Party than Democrats

  1. Well, that was painful. As usual, Marshall is very lucid and very patient. As usual Fox is very pig-headed and interrupts continually. Honestly, I don't understand why we try to get the MMT message across in this way. The TV medium is inherently unfit for the transmission of intellectual positions. These Fox-bites are mere monlogues into the void. They keep fostering the rule of opinion, rather than the habit of actually thinking from clear principles and proper applications of them. You can't argue with someone who starts from completely different premises. People do not understand that each medium–radio, TV, and the like has its inherent limitations and strengths, and should be used accordingly.

  2. Well, she was better than Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck. This isn't really a bad way to go, though. It doesn't speak to the d******** who watch, but it certainly speaks to people who are prepared (and capable) to put a bit of thought behind it.There really should be some sort of light "propaganda", though. Some documentary emphasizing the points of MMT and the strengths and weaknesses of fiat money and applying them to the system. One could throw in some ideas on how to reform credit institutions in a sustainable way, because i think most people are sick and tired of the problems of the oversized credit system.