Who benefited, and by exactly how much?

UMKC’s Professor Bill Black joined Spitzer in calling for release of information on AIG’s operations and bail-out.

Many economists showing support by signing on to letter.

One response to “Who benefited, and by exactly how much?

  1. What's wrong with you people?! Whoever that's doing all the "GOD's work" "deserved" the biggest share of that tax-payer-mojo transfusion, be it short-term God's cash bonus or long-term stock God's cash bonus (oh, gotta remember subtracting it by the 500 MMMillion charity money their gods asked them to kindly lend back to small businesses…), as long as the Gold-God's and the Rubin-God's missionaries get their deserts, we are living in the best of all worlds! Why is Spitzer wanting to see these male "fat cats" striped naked? Is he running for NY offices again?