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The Most Embarrassing Financial Column of 2013

By William K. Black

We are only two weeks in to 2013 and there is plenty of time for far more embarrassing financial columns to be written, but The Guardian’s financial editor, Heidi Moore, has opened up an early lead in the competition.  Moore’s column represents five embarrassing elements.  She entitled her piece:  “’Mint the coin’: why the platinum coin campaign doesn’t even work as satire.”

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The Bright Shiny Object of Change

By Joel David Palmer

Did you feel it? The earth moved under our feet a little bit over the past week. I’m feeling quite grateful to beowolf and Joe Firestone and everyone else who laid the foundation for Mint The Coin, and to Stephanie Kelton (for creating) and Joe Weisenthal (for popularizing) the #MintTheCoin hashtag and circulating the White House petition.

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And for the Naysayers…