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Whining about Indiana’s Retreat from Bigotry

By William K. Black
Quito: April 4, 2015

I’m dealing with the temporary expiration of our subscription to the Wall Street Journal and my resultant inability to read columns behind its paywall.  This caused me to search whether others had made the full text of the WSJ editorial “Liberal Intolerance, Round II” available on line.  I put the first sentence of the editorial in my search engine.

“The political delirium over Indiana’s law protecting minority religious beliefs doesn’t seem to be abating, and the irony is that it may be illustrating why such statutes are necessary.”

It spit out the exact same sentence – but in what appears to be (the world’s worst) web site of U.S. News and World Report in a (maybe) news article attributed to “us,” but starting with an AP credit.  The only change is that the first sentence in the WSJ has become the second sentence in the USNWR.  As the third sentence in the quotation below shows, it is in some ways a personal take on a straight news story sourced to AP, but the USNWR’s web site refers to as being authored by “us.”  I trust you are as confused as I am.  The two pieces differ, but seem clearly to have been written by the same person about the same subject.

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Archaic Laws Revived with Homophobic Intent in Indiana and Arkansas

The latest episode of the Bill Black report on The Real News Network. Bill talks with Sharmini about the religious freedom bills in Indiana and Arkansas. “Its a bill where they dare not speak its purpose or state its goal.” Transcript if available at therealnews.com.

The Homophobic Law and the Indiana Governor Who Dares Not Speak Its Purpose

By William K. Black
Bloomington: March 29, 2015

Sodomy, of course, was once referred to as the crime that dare not speak its name because the combination of fear and hate of straight males for gays was so intense that it was barbaric and even murderous.  It is a measure of how much things have changed that the haters now know that they dare not speak their hate.  They also know that they are losing.  The vast majority of gay Americans live in States with marriage equality and conservatives expect to that the Supreme Court will soon strike down as unconstitutional bans on marriage equality in the Supreme Court.  Some equality advocates are warning that the desperate measures like Indiana’s new law designed to authorize merchants to discriminate against gays are similar to the relatively successful strategy to attack abortion rights.  They are right to warn about the need keep working, but the LBGT rights are not analogous to reproductive rights.  I will discuss only one reason – business.  The paradox is that a law purportedly vital to protect the right of merchants to discriminate against gays is the last thing that merchants want.  Gays make very good customers.  They have income and they buy goods and services.  Merchants want to sell goods.

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