Middle Class Loses, Plutocrats Win With Trump’s Tax Cuts

Trump’s “middle class tax cut” is a tax hike. NEP’s Bill Black says Trump could have been a popular President, if he hadn’t lied about middle class tax cuts and building infrastructure in Bill’s latest appearance on The Real News Network. You can view with transcript here.

One response to “Middle Class Loses, Plutocrats Win With Trump’s Tax Cuts

  1. Prairie Bear

    I am assuming that there is a certain number of people who, besides not getting as large a refund as they expected or hoped for, have had to cough up extra. There is probably a vast number of people who have not filed yet, and many of them will have to do this too. What will be really amusing is all the squealing and shrieking later in the year, when these people get dunned by the IRS for a penalty because they didn’t have enough withheld or didn’t make enough estimated payments.