IRS Private Debt-Collection Program is ‘Indefensible’

Using private debt-collection firms to collect debt from low-income Americans is not only morally reprehensible, but it’s also terrible business, says NEP’s Bill Black in his latest appearance on The Real News Network. You can view here with transcript.

3 responses to “IRS Private Debt-Collection Program is ‘Indefensible’

  1. I adore Bill Black!! I am so glad you keep letting us know when he can be seen. Thank You.

  2. madame de farge

    Just goes to show that it takes a thuggee to really mess things up…..

  3. It is indefensible, and immoral, and very expensive. Private debt collection is forced on the IRS by Congress, despite the fact that every time it has been implemented, Congressional investigation has shown that it is hugely cost-ineffective.