Massachusetts First to Sue Equifax Over Massive Hack

NEP’s Bill Black was on The Real News Network and discussing that several government agencies and at least 34 state attorneys general have opened investigations into the Equifax data-breach scandal–which is ‘the gift that keeps on giving.’ You can view with transcript here.

2 responses to “Massachusetts First to Sue Equifax Over Massive Hack

  1. madame de farge

    Bill is absolutely the greatest! As he indicated at the end of the presentation, the real question is WHY WAS THE CEO not fired and why was the board not removed and clawbacks of stock and bonuses put in place. This is sheer idiocy, there are millions of people who have worked in IT and the idea that the PATCH was ignored for MONTHS is egregious…

  2. Dave Chekouras

    Gresham’s Dynamic has past the tipping point. I can find no area where this is not the case. What happens when ALL has succumbed? Will one man own all, or will ethical participants just no longer matter? What’s the logical extreme? I posit that we are nearly there. Thoughts anyone?