London Grenfell Inferno: Who’s to Blame?

The Grenfell Tower Block fire in London is a predictable consequence of policies that can be traced to Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, as well as those of David Cameron and Theresa May, says NEP’s Bill Black on The Real News Network. You can view here with transcript.

2 responses to “London Grenfell Inferno: Who’s to Blame?

  1. Carol shinker

    Man! I’m in love with Bill Black!! We need to clone him immediately!

  2. David Harold Chester

    I would guess that there are regulations about fire resistant materials, which were deliberately ignored by the fire fighting commanders, who by law must sign a document to accept the structure of the building, including its decorative facings. Even if the city council had found a way around this regulation it should be the fire chiefs responsibility to enforce it, since they are surely aware of the significance!