FUNDAMENTALS: Monetary Policy, Interet-Rate Targeting and the Corridor

The latest in a series of class project videos from Eric Tymoigne’s upper division Modern Money Theory class at Lewis and Clark College. Over the next several days, we will be posting  select videos created by his most recent class. Eric has created a YouTube channel to be the home of MMT videos created by L&C students. You can check it out here.

One response to “FUNDAMENTALS: Monetary Policy, Interet-Rate Targeting and the Corridor

  1. Well this could help answer one of my main economic questions. That is: Why do governments borrow if they have a sovereign currency? It seems a lot simpler to just print the money they need to cover legislated budget expenditures and avoid the interest on debt.

    Both Liberal and Conservative economists talk about the budget the same way – in terms of deficit and surplus. But Liberal economists insist that government budgeting is not like a household budget. I think they either need to change the system or change the terminology. The general population will never understand the difference as long as government budgets and household budgets are spoken of in terms of the difference between income and spending.