NEP’s Randy Wray on Thom Hartmann’s Show

Randy will be on Thom Hartmann’s show July 18th, 2014 at 1:00 pm Eastern time. You can catch Randy and Thom live on radio stations coast to coast…live on XM/Sirius satellite radio…simulcast LIVE on Free Speech TV on Dish Network, Direct TV, Comcast Cable, RCN, Cox Cable, Time Warner, Verizon Fios and over 200 independent community cable providers nationwide including Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

The audio and video are streamed LIVE on Thom’s website. Free Speech TV also streams the program LIVE on their website.

The program is also streamed LIVE (audio and video) on The Thom Hartmann Program app available for iPhone and iPad (free of charge on iTunes)

3 responses to “NEP’s Randy Wray on Thom Hartmann’s Show

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Also looks like Stephanie Kelton was on yesterday, though it was short and not really about MMT:

  2. Thanks for the heads up and thanks, Gus, for the link to the video. That’s great that that Stephanie Kelton was on Thom Hartmann today. That will help get more recognition for MMT from the general public. More and more MMT people need to get interviews on TV, get on the news , write articles for mainstream media etc. so that when I mention MMT, people will not look at me like I am from Jupiter.

  3. As we’ve all been discussing here recently, MMT needs to find its way into mainstream economics conversations and mainstream news items. Stephanie Keltner’s appearance on Thom Hartmann is great. But much more needs to be done to spread the word.

    In a previous thread here , entitled “AG Holder: “Thank you, Richard Bowen’ ” someone named Blissex challenged me to “find arguments that sound persuasive to Real Americans that blowup prone finance and financial crime affect them badly and reduce their winnings. Then they will start writing to their representatives and donating to candidates to support honesty and safety in finance, which they currently are indifferent to, or hate.”

    I think it’s more a case of indifference here, mostly due to ignorance. But it’s hard to make things simple enough that a huge percentage of the population could understand them, especially in these days of Twitter, Facebook, cell phone texting etc. and the resultant short attention spans and proneness to boredom.

    I do try to make videos to help ordinary folks to understand a little bit of what the problems are with neoliberal economics and to understand how it is a mistake for ordinary Americans to go overboard so much in enthusiasm and expectations for the so-called free market. Here are two videos on this. I request that anyone who has time, review my videos, maybe give me some suggestions on how to improve future videos.
    Going to Extremes
    The Problem with Ayn Rand

    I think most of us here would like the general public in the USA to understand better how our economy works or does not work. So perhaps the most useful resp0nse you could make to the videos would be to think: “That’s not so great. I can do better than that” and go out and make your own video with a few simple ideas about economics that would be educational and entertaining to the public.

    It is challenging now in the days of Internet to have an impact on people though– because attention spans are short, there are many web pages to choose from, and people expect those who hope to keep their attention to entertain them and perhaps even to give them an emotional experience of connection. At least that’s what the most recent book on marketing I read (Decoding the New Consumer Mind) said.

    I would appreciate others’ thoughts on this challenge of educating the public on economics, or at least educating them on the few simple ideas about economics that most folks might understand. What are the most important simple ideas for the public to understand how the economy works and impacts them? What are the simplest important ideas for folks to understand about MMT?