Wall Street Crime and Misdeeds

NEP’s Bill Black appeared at the Unstoppable Right/Left Convergence event in Washington D.C. on May 27, 2014. He talked about Wall Street Crime and Misdeeds.

One response to “Wall Street Crime and Misdeeds

  1. Jim Shannon

    You, Barry Ritholtz, Chris Hedges and Eves Smith, all saints as far as I’m concerned, have all been singing the same tune since ALL the Major Banks caused their own insolvency because of their own corruption! What I refer to as “Observed Reality”. That corruption has now caused the loss of $21Trillion to the American Public.
    Clearly, the CentaMillinaire$ and Billionaire$ are in control of government and We The People are too grounded by “Observed Reality” to even begin to believe there is anything we can do to stop the corruption of and by government! Corruption has in fact and is in Reality the “New Norm”!
    I truly admire the people attempting to bring the facts to the attention of the public, but when a government gets corrupted by money, history has repeatedly shown the people TRULY are powerless to do anything about it!