William K. Black on Democracy Now!

Part 1: Crony Capitalism: After Lobbying Against New Financial Regulations, JPMorgan Loses $2 Billion in Risky Bet

Part 2: Ex-Financial Regulator William Black: Austerity is Sinking Economies from Europe to U.S.

6 responses to “William K. Black on Democracy Now!

  1. Regarding the conflict of interest vis a vis the Fed’s self governing authority: credit unions don’t seem to have this problem at all, and when the CLF was created in 98, overseen by the NCUA, there was no conflict of interest involved and there have never been any problems. Why do you suppose that’s the case?

  2. I have great respect for Professor William Black. I wish he were interviewed on NPR or the Sunday morning shows, along with his colleagues, Prof. Michael Hudson, and Prof. Stephanie Kelton, or mavericks like Ellen Brown or Max Keiser, so that real Americans could get a different view of what’s going on, broadly. I applaud Amy Goodman for putting Prof. Black on her prime time show. It’s astounding to me that I can hear their views on U.K. or Australian radio and TV shows, but not here.

  3. JPM Chase is the primary bank coming up on the Internet appraisal boards currently as the lender which has already started the “practice” again/still of blacklisting appraisers for not “making value”. Of course, they don’t do or say this outright, but simply cut the appraiser off without explanation, without saying anything, without notification, after a value is not “made”. Most of the time, the appraiser simply realizes after a while that he/she is no longer receiving orders from a lender and typically cannot ascertain why without expending unconscionable effort and time. And, of course, now the lenders can obfuscate into perpetuity through the AMC’s.

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  5. William Black is so beautifully informative….Clear & too the point. His lesson on Accruel Acoounting during Coast to Coast last night was a real eye opener for me. But, how he can say Bush was worse than B.O., when our debt has increased much more under the current adinistration, makes no sense.
    Obama is a polarizing fiscal catastrophy who will go easily down as our worst President in the history of this country.
    Respectfully, Jim