William Black Interviewed on InfoKrieger News

William Black was interviewed recently on InfoKrieger News.  For article and video see here.

One response to “William Black Interviewed on InfoKrieger News

  1. What a powerful interview professor. Both you and Nomi combine to shine a much brighter spotlight on the criminogenic economic environment in the global economy.May I suggest you google search Ben Bernanke's doctoral thesis. I've done so and it appears that the implementation of FAS-157 was in essence his thesis put into action. I believe you will find when you read his thesis and then read the investigation I undertook that FAS-157 was a mechanism to cause a controlled free fall in the stock market designed to allow insiders to short the market with a guarantee that it would go down and then when it was decided the insiders would pull their short bets off the table and go long and when the insiders were ready Ben Bernanke gave his public blessing of suspending or modifying FAS-157 which was affected by FASB a very short time later. You can find this in my article on Newsvine at: http://bit.ly/The-Big-Short I would love a chance to discuss this with you. You can email me at [email protected], thank you for doing this interview and for all that you do trying to re-regulate and de-criminalize our financial system. Despite being in my early 50's, I'd would love to get a masters degree, and would love to study under you, but would have to do so online if possible. Does your program have an online offering? Let me know. Take care.