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Marshall Auerback on BNN: What’s Europe’s Next Step?

Marshall Auerback discusses the latest in Euro woes and the possibility of it spreading beyond the Eurozone.  In the first clip Marshall stresses the need for ECB intervention to calm the onset of a debt-deflation dynamic.  In the second, he follows up on the likelihood that the crisis will spread to sovereign currency nations like the US, where he explains that insolvency is not a threat.



Why You and I Can’t Spend More Than We Bring In, but the Government Can – and Probably Should

Watch Stephanie Kelton explain why TINA falls apart as justification to tolerate unemployment once we understand the relationship between the United States and her currency.  The lecture took place at Luther College in beautiful Decorah, Iowa on September 28, 2011.   Note: if you would like to see the handout featured in the video click here.