Announcing Our Name Change to “Bank Whistleblowers United”

William K. Black
January 30, 2016    Bloomington, Minneapolis

Well, this is slightly embarrassing.  Gary Aguirre, Bill Black, Richard Bowen, and Michael Winston came together to form a pro bono effort by bank whistleblowers to restore the rule of law on Wall Street.  As a placeholder in the drafting process, I called us the “Bank Whistleblowers’ Group” and that name survived the drafting process and was announced yesterday by me on New Economic Perspectives (NEP).  Michael Winston deserves credit for suggesting that we call ourselves “Bank Whistleblowers United” – a name that everyone in our pro bono group prefers.  We’ve changed the documents posted yesterday on NEP that make public our initiatives to reflect our new name.  The “announcement” document I posted yesterday has been changed to reflect the new name and I used the opportunity to make a few edits as well.

3 responses to “Announcing Our Name Change to “Bank Whistleblowers United”

  1. Paul L. Bishop

    This is a great idea, I only know Bill Black, but that is enough for me. He is of sufficient character & integrity, that if they all get along, we couldn’t be better assisted. These Banks are guilty, and there is ample evidence to back that up. Let’s get behind them, and put these Financial terrorists in prison, where they belong.

  2. This is great. Bank whistleblowers get no respect. Banks have hurt our economy, then are paid by the Fed not to lend. What a scam.

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