A Contest: MMT for Eighth Graders

What’s the best way to communicate the principles of MMT to an audience who doesn’t know any economics?  Can you draw out the implications of the sector balances or explain the importance of sovereign money without complex jargon?  Can you do it a way that will resonate with the average eighth grader?  Can you do it in 25 words or less?  We’ll collect the best submissions and post them next week.  Give it your best shot!

*UPDATE*  I can see that we are off to a bad start.

Identify a single MMT principle and then explain that principle in 25 words or less.  We are not asking you to explain *all* of MMT in 25 words.

“Without jargon” means that you should not use words like: “fiscal”, “reserves”, “GDP”, “debit”, “credit”, “policy space”, “bonds”, “capital”, “austerity”, “monetary policy”, etc.  You’re communicating with someone who has an eighth grade education, people!   In the USA.  Think about what that means.

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