Trump Probably Engaged in Felony Tax Evasion

NEP’s Bill Black appears on The Real News Network and analyzes the New York Times investigation into Trump’s tax evasion and argues that if true, these would be considered felonies. However, he will probably never be held to account for this, before he leaves office. You can view here with transcript.

One response to “Trump Probably Engaged in Felony Tax Evasion

  1. Is this a surprise to anyone?
    We’ve long known about the two-tier form of justice.
    One for the ultra ruling/donor/owner class and the one for everyone else.
    A bit suprising that you give the other party a pass here. The prior administration foamed the runway (tina) for the ultra class for 8 years
    The kubuki comes in the form of having us all believe there’s a big difference between the legacy Dem/Rep duopoly.
    With the exception of Enron
    The the lords of finance have had their way

    Thanks for the courageous work during the S & L debacle, as well for your there is an alternative voice (tiaa) throughout the great recession.