Trump Proves Again that it is Impossible to Compete with Unintentional Self-Parody

By William K. Black
September 5, 2017      Kansas City, MO

In my immediately prior article I discussed how Politico fell for Third Way’s dishonest discussion of how Democrats should brand themselves as the party committed to jobs.  I explained that progressive Democrats were the party of good jobs in part because they opposed fraudulent for-profit schools while President Trump, the Republicans, and the New Democrats were anti-jobs because they supported the rip offs.  Trump, having run a for-profit “university” so fraudulent was not even a real university, is the most glaring patron of these frauds.

Trump appointed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education because she is a fierce enemy of public education and loves the for-profit frauds.  Recently, however, DeVos has taken a step so brazen that it adds proof to our family saying that it is impossible to compete with unintentional self-parody.  DeVos chose a prior executive of DeVry, a for-profit school sanctioned for its recurrent frauds, to head the Education Department’s “enforcement” unit responsible for disciplining fraudulent for-profit schools.  In any normal administration, this would be a scandal leading to investigations and resignations in disgrace.  Under Trump, the latest DeVos scandal is already a forgotten footnote in an administration in which absurdity and sleaze are constant companions.

One response to “Trump Proves Again that it is Impossible to Compete with Unintentional Self-Parody

  1. While I applaud Dr. Black’s statement, academia has been in full retreat to the cadence of plutocracy for decades, measured in part by the exclusion of MMT from economics dept curricula, and by the wholesale abuse of adjuncts in service to academic and executive conceits. And DeVos has accelerated the decline in the more vocational sectors. “Intentional self parody” is apt, certainly, and even so it still mild relative to performing according to the postured integrity of educational institutions within a supposed democracy.