Bank Whistleblowers United Covered in NYT

The New York Times has taken notice of Bank Whistleblowers United (BWU). You can read it here.

One response to “Bank Whistleblowers United Covered in NYT

  1. Charles Hayden

    Hi Devin,

    I am a graduate econ student at the University of Texas at Dallas and I’m actually meeting with Richard Bowen tomorrow at his school office. I took Professor Black’s article announcing BWU’s initiatives as a call to do something. I have created petitions for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to adopt BWU’s Plan of Urgent Financial Change and the Campaign Funding Pledge. Please read the links below and suggest edits/changes/deletions. I’m planning to start making these petitions for the Republican side as well. I have also created a facebook group for supporters of BWU. Just want to make sure this is kosher, and please let me know whatever I can do to make this better.
    Thank you.