Latest Book Honoring Professor Fred Lee

fleeAdvancing the Frontiers of Heterodox Economics: Essays in Honor of Frederic S. Lee

Edited by Tae-Hee Jo and Zdravka Todorova
Series in the Routledge Advances in Heterodox Economics ISBN: 978-0-415-73031-0 (hardback), 358 pages, $160. August 2015, Routledge. (20% Discount code: FLR40)

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  • Foreword by Sheila C. Dow
  • Foreword by John F. Henry
  • Introduction: Frederic S. Lee’s contributions to heterodox economics / Tae-Hee Jo and Zdravka Todorova

Part I Making History and Identity of Heterodox Economics by Developing Theory and Institutions

  1. Heterodox economics and the history of economic thought / Carlo D’lppoliti and Alessandro Roncaglia
  2. The Association for Heterodox Economics: past, present, and future / Andrew Mearman and Bruce Philp
  3. Heterodox economics, distribution and the class struggle / Bruce Philp and Andrew Trigg
  4. Qualitative data and grounded theory in heterodox economic research: insights from three Australian studies / Therese Jefferson

Part II Heterodox Microeconomics and the Foundations of Heterodox Macroeconomics

  1. Heterodox microeconomics and heterodox microfoundations / Tae-Hee Jo
  2. Beyond foundations: systemism in economic thinking / Jakob Kapeller
  3. Post Keynesian investment and pricing theory: contributions of Alfred S. Eichner and Frederic S. Lee/ Ruslan Dzarasov
  4. Effects of competition upon profit margins from a Post Keynesian perspective / Jordan Melmiès
  5. Inter- and intra-firm governance in heterodox microeconomics: the case of the US software industry / Erik Dean
  6. Analyzing actually-existing markets / Lynne Chester

Part III Advancing the Heterodox Analysis of Social Provisioning

  1. Advancing heterodox economics in the tradition of the surplus approach / Nuno Martins
  2. Consumption in the context of social provisioning and capitalism: beyond consumer choice and aggregates / Zdravka Todorova
  3. Social provisioning process, market instability, and managed competition / Tuna Baskoy
  4. The embedded state and social provisioning: insights from Norbert Elias / Bruno Tinel
  5. Analogies we suffer by: the case of the state as a household / Huáscar Pessali, Fabiano Dalto, and Ramón García Fernández
  6. Technological-institutional foundations of the social economy: a framework for the analysis of change in the social provisioning process / Henning Schwardt

Part IV The Heterodox Economics of Frederic S. Lee

  1. Predestined to heterodoxy or how I became a heterodox economist / Frederic S. Lee
  2. Frederic Sterling Lee (1949-2014) / John E. King
  3. In memoriam: Frederic S. Lee, 1949-2014 / Jan A. Kregel and L. Randall Wray
  4. The Bibliography of Frederic S. Lee’s Writings

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