Ahead of their time?

Julie Verhage and Alex Balogh have published a piece over at Bloomberg about 9 people who saw the Greek Crisis many years before everyone else did. Several names you will recognize from NEP. Three are from UMKC plus Warren Mosler. They warned about the euro system and crises like Greece. You can read the article here.



One response to “Ahead of their time?

  1. Arliss Bunny

    Devin – I have been following the Greek crisis and broadcasting the play-by-play (on Netroots Radio) since Syriza was elected*. Someone who has been perfect on this topic from prior to the implementation of the euro is Frances Coppola (@FrancesCoppola on Twitter.) She has a banking background but set that aside because her economics have been very good for years. She blogs both on her own blog and at Forbes. Frances is a true go-to source for wonks.

    * I have done about six hours of radio coverage in that time.