NEP’s Bill Black appears on Bill Moyers Show

Bill Black appeared on Moyers & Company on October 3, 2014. The topic of discussion was a topic near and dear to Bill: Too Big to Jail?

5 responses to “NEP’s Bill Black appears on Bill Moyers Show

  1. Robert Lavergne

    Excellent indictment Mr. Black. However, how does Mr. Moyers’ opening rant “taxpayers bailed-out the banks” align with MMT? Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather see money created to finance infrastructure, schools, hospitals, roads, and employment, etc. rather than starting war in Syria, Russia, or wherever transnational corporations want to ‘globalize.’ But taxes haven’t been needed to spend on any of these things – don’t our tax dollars literally get destroyed at the federal level?

    • Agree with Robert Lavergne. I haven’t watched this interview yet, but Moyers’s discussions of economics always seem pretty antithetical to MMT. I know that’s not Mr. Black’s main subject area, but it’s tough to hear Bill, on show after show, talk about “taxpayers’ dollars” and the government being “broke,” etc.

  2. All right, Dr. Black! Way to go! The Bill Moyers show is a good place to reach a large audience.

  3. Excellent Bill. And Bill.
    Pitchforks don’t sound like such a bad idea?

  4. Jerry Hamrick

    I watched the show yesterday and Professor Black was great. His light never dims.