Daily Archives: May 1, 2013

The Broader Costs of Lethal Lemons: “We Have so Many Ranas”

By William K. Black

This is the third article in a series on some of the additional lessons we should learn from the mass murder of Bangladeshi garment workers by anti-employee control frauds.  I discuss new allegations about the senior executives involved in producing the terrible loss of life and maiming of so many workers because they are relevant to the broader harms that control fraud can cause that I discussed in the first and second articles in this series. Continue reading

How’s that Euro Thingy Working Out? An Update

By L. Randall Wray

European integration was a grand plan, perhaps driven by lofty motives. I don’t take a position on that since I’m not European. But as we have argued from the very beginning, the set-up of the EMU was fatally flawed. At the very least, they “put the cart before the horse”—adopting the euro before they achieved fiscal integration under a fiscal authority with sufficient sovereignty to protect the member nations. For references to our early work, see here, here and here.

Continue reading

Twenty Numbers From Europe that Should Have You Very Worried

By Russell Huntley (via e-mail)

#1 The unemployment rate in France has surged to 10.6 percent, and the number of jobless claims in that country recently set a new all-time record.

#2 Unemployment in the eurozone as a whole is sitting at an all-time record of 12 percent. Continue reading