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Washington Post and the AIG Bailout

The Washington Post (9/10) published an article on the the “success” of the AIG bailout. NEP’s William Black explains the issue of perverse incentives created by the successful bailout.


Too Big To Jail

In a recent article (9/8) at Huffington Post, NEP’s William Black  provides support as to why Wall Street executives should face criminal charges relating to the financial crisis.


European views on financial regulation (and other American evils)

By William K. Black
(Cross posted at Benzinga.com)

I was invited back to the give the welcoming keynote address last week to the 33rd SFOA International Bürgenstock Meeting.  SFOA is an acronym for the Swiss Futures and Option Association and their meeting (long held at Bürgenstock, Switzerland but now at Interlaken) is the preeminent meeting in Europe on financial derivatives.  The meeting attracts industry participants, regulators, and academics from all over the world.  I’m writing from the Munich airport, where I get to wait overnight for a flight back to the U.S.

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