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The Tories Refuse to Take Responsibility for the EU “Fault Lines” They Decry

By William K. Black

The Tory insider and journalist Matthew D’Ancona has written a remarkably disingenuous op ed in the New York Times entitled “Europe’s Dangerous New Fault Line.”

The setting for the op ed is three related crises that D’Ancona’s dogmas have helped create (and a fourth one that is likely in the process of being created).  D’Ancona, of course, ignores causation and his responsibility for the policies that caused each of the crises.  The three crises are the Great Recession, the gratuitous second recession (Second Great Depression in the case of Spain, Greece, and Italy), and the rise of fascist and racist parties in the EU.  The fourth crisis that may be developing is the troika’s austerity policies forcing several EU nations back into a third recession.

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