How Should NY Fed Have Handled Libor Scandal?

4 responses to “How Should NY Fed Have Handled Libor Scandal?

  1. Clonal Antibody

    We appear to have an embedded video that shows a blank black screen

  2. These Fox shills are shameless in their attack dog approach to Bill Black. Totally D*ks with NO respect. But the redoubtable William K. Black, Our Hero, is unflappable. May the best Mensch win.

    • Here, here–DrBernard! (For god sakes, faux news isn’t worthy of a paperclip, let alone an appearance by BB.)

  3. And, hear, hear, also!
    No, seriously, Faux Nooze is so pathetically warped in their support, perpetuation and propagation of the destructive forces in our country, they have become sickeningly laughable caricatures of journalists. If people were only capable of visualizing wild chimps in nice suits when they look at bankers we might have a fighting chance. I mean, dress a serial killer in Armani, he’s still a serial killer.