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Denison Volunteer Dollars: The Currency of Civic Engagement

The BBC as Apologist for Lying about Libor

By William K. Black

The right has a reservoir of writers who can be relied on to defend and even praise elite white-collar criminals, but the center has managed to produce eager apologists for lies.  This column discusses the BBC’s Business Editor, Robert Preston.  The title of his article emphasizes his view that it is exceptionally difficult to know whether the banks’ lying about Libor was desirable: “The elusive truth about Barclays’ lie.”  Preston frames the question in a fashion that favors finding Barclays’ lies desirable.

“Aside from the forensic analysis about who said what to whom, there is a very simple question at the heart of the furore of Barclays’ involvement in the LIBOR-rigging scandal: is it ever acceptable to lie?” Continue reading