William Black interviewed on Le Show

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  1. The Le Show interview makes me wonder… are their any effective lobbying groups that are arguing for reforms that are consistent with Black's analysis? I'd donate in a heartbeat.

  2. Check out Americans for Financial Reform. We're outnumbered 150-1 by the bank lobbyists, and our memo's aren't accompanied by contribution checks, but we're just a little proud of our accomplishments.

  3. Wonderful—thanks. GL

  4. GRO – Grass Roots Organizing of Mexico, MO, and other National People's action affiliates are fighting for reforms. Bill Black was the keynote speaker at GRO's 9th anniversary event. http://www.gromo.org

  5. Hmmmm, I think I saw an ethanol plant in Mexico the other day.

  6. To Anonymous: Americans for Financial Reform, and all the groups that are part of their coalition. List here: http://ourfinancialsecurity.org/about/our-coalition/.

  7. Actually, as perverse as it seems, buyers do go berserk when the appraisal doesn't "come in" as expected. They then put pressure on the lender and the lender coerces the appraiser. Sometimes it's milder than that wherein the buyer simply doesn't understand and wants to know why and the lender makes an outrageous TV reality/drama out of it.