Listen to L. Randall Wray on KUOW

Randall Wray appeared on KUOW‘s “The Conversation,” hosted by Ross Reynolds.  The topic: the largest contributors to the federal deficit–Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Defense.  To listen click here.

4 responses to “Listen to L. Randall Wray on KUOW

  1. Link to The ConversationThe Biggest Drains On The Deficit

  2. I listen to the FFT guys over at they called the stockmarket crash back in 08 and this middle eastcrisis. Well worth having a look at. They also have a controversial ebook coming out next week called U.S. SECRET HIDDEN TREASURE MAP! looks intresting

  3. Wray was excellent, his restrain and moderation is admirable but it is also an very important subject so precision and exactitude with the facts is probably necessary.Now also on Youtube. 🙂

  4. Agree…Prof Wray really nailed it in on that last portion of the show. The public needs to know that the deficit hawks and budget cutters (whether they are aware of it or not) just want to further indebt the private sector. Govt spending is income for the rest of the economy. These are the mantras that need repeating in the face of a well-financed campaign to mislead people into accepting cuts that hurt their well-being